Developmental - Future Leaders

Fall Session 2022

This basketball program is designed to introduce kids (girls & boys), ages 6 to 9, to the fundamentals of basketball in a structured environment. During the activity, multiple coaches are present to provide the needed attention for the youth to learn. We offer two separate classes that are divided by age and caliber. Both classes take place Saturday mornings at LaSalle Elementary School (1555 rue Rancourt, H8N 1R7) and are 60-75min each.

Youth are expected:

  • To behave in a respectful manner towards coaches, volunteers, and peers,
  • To respect all property which include the building, the materials etc,
  • To Have Fun!!

Parents of the youth members shall:

  • Bring their child on time for each session,
  • Be respectful towards staff, volunteers, and others,
  • Notify the coach or coordinator when their child will be absent,
  • Pay registration fees, as outlined below, and sign the applicable waivers/forms.

Registration fee is $150.00 + $15.00 one-time membership fee. Fees include:

  • One (1) Leaders Basketball 2-piece (jersey and shorts) uniform set (to be worn at each session),
  • One (1) Leaders Basketball Program t-shirt,
  • Supervision, coaching and player skill development,


This Fall session has 10 – 12 classes

  • September – December
  • *Start date is September 17th and all participants must arrive at 9:30am
  • Coaches will be available weekly for questions or information

*There will be two classes:

  • Block A (9:30am)
  • Block B (10:45am)

All fees to be paid in full before October 1st, 2022.

Payment method:

  • Cash or cheque which can be given in person at the start of the session.
  • Interact e-transfer to (Indicated your child’s full name and indicate which Bloc)
  • Online – Click here (through Amilia/SportRec)

Please note, youth will not be permitted to participate until the fee has been paid in full by indicated date.

Please contact us with any issues concerning payments.