Competitive (AA and AAA Divisions)

Our competitive program consists of teams that are divided by age and caliber.

Each team goes through a “tryout” process in which all youth are welcome. Participants are selected from this process to be members of a Leaders basketball team. Those that are not selected are encouraged to join our recreational program. Tryouts occur between late-August and early September.

The season (Leaders basketball team) runs from September to April. All teams compete in the renowned intercity league called “Montreal Basketball League.” in either the AAA or AA division. We provide two teams for most age categories to cater to the growing number of youth in the area interested in playing basketball.

We cover a wide range by having teams for youth as young as 8 years old (Novice) and up to age 17 (juvenile). Teams have a regular practice schedule that consists of 2-3 practices a week and have a game every weekend or second weekend.

All teams have coaches that are trained and certified by Basketball Quebec.

Team Categories - Girls and Boys (ages)

  • Novice (8-9)
  • Mini (10-11)
  • Bantam (12-13)
  • Cadet (14-15)
  • Juvenile (16-17)