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2022-23 - Montreal Basketball League (MBL) Game Schedule:

Date Time Leaders / Opponent Location*
Sun. Oct 16th 11:00am Mini Gold (50) @ DJ Sports (28) - W MBL**
Sat. Oct 29th 3:45pm Mini Gold (69) vs Ravens (8) - W CRCL
Sat. Nov 12th 1:30pm Mini Gold (53) vs Sun Youth (72) - L CRCL
Sat. Nov 19th 1:30pm Mini Gold (37) vs Pagé (60) - L CRCL
Sat. Nov 26th 1:30pm Mini Gold @ Laval MBL**
Sun. Nov 27th 1:15pm Mini Gold @ Brookwood MBL**
Sat. Dec 3rd   3:00pm  Mini Gold vs Parc Ex CRCL
Sat. Dec 10th 10:15am Mini Gold @ Monarques MBL**
Sat. Dec 17th 9:00am Mini Gold @ Pagé MBL**
Sat. Jan 14th 10:15am Mini Gold @ Ravens MBL**
Sun. Jan 15th 12:45pm Mini Gold vs Brookwood ESCL
Sun. Jan 29th 2:30pm Mini Gold @ Park Ex MBL**
Sat. Feb 4th     3:15pm Mini Gold vs Laval CRCL
Sun. Feb 5th    11:00am Mini Gold @ Sun Youth MBL**
Sat. Feb 11th 1:30pm Mini Gold vs Monarques CRCL
Sun. Feb 12th 12:45pm Mini Gold vs DJ Sports ESCL


*Location Notes:

CRCL = Home Gym #1; Carrefour Récréatif et Communautaire de Lasalle:

  • 8700 rue Hardy, Lasalle, Quebec, H8N 1P5

ÉSCL = Home Gym #2; École Secondaire Cavelier-de-Lasalle:

  • 9199 rue Centrale, Lasalle, Quebec, H8R 2J9

**MBL = Away Gym; League website for away team gym address: